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Good quality can not bring more orders

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After 5-6 years oversea market exploit, I found good quality is not the most important things in tarding process. Do you think I am passive?  Consider this seriously and deeply, nobody will not advocate the quality first, but why always cann’t get the a product’s bottom price in market forever? Always somebody can finish a project at lower price? At least to the ordinary products, we don’t talk about the high-new technology products here. Those products which is involved personal safty, quality must be paid much attention. But those commons, I trust most of people will make a concessions in front of quality and price, especially nowadys, under the condition of the world economy downturn. I think now everybody get a new skill, that’s to sell the bad quality products to customers. Just nobody want to say own products not good, eventhough he can not bear by himself, but keep declaring his products is high quality. That’s secret of success? It is strange that customs know, but accept. So who can say he never make a concessions in front of price? Don’t trust europe developed courtries, they are same, their primary demand is that price lower is better,seldom to see their first requirment is quality better is better.
As a conscientious business man, under this megatrends, yield? Or die? Make compromise, we try our best to provide quality goods at a low price. Keep holding on, wait for the age of genuine quality.  You keep bragging your so-called good quality, I do my job as per my conscientious principle, insisting forever.

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