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How ot order small-lot products from China

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Many small dealer hope to order samll-lot products from China, and operate a samll business at home. They lack of experience of international trading, just though it should be easy. Find one supplier from China, buy some products , somebody will delivery goods to door, then they can sell a good price at local makets. But answer is really not so. Small dealer will met many problem, for example,delivery charge is very expensive,and order amount can not be accept by supplier,eventhough they can agree to produce, the unit price will be much high. Because all of these, most small dealer give it up. Here we talk about some advice from manufacturer point of view.   Leadrun gift box.
If I am a small dealer, I will collecte some suppliers information, and ask them what products they are making at present, or recently future. Of course the products and supplier is that you need. Impossible I sell whatever you make. Get these information, then I choose sveral item I like, order 100 pcs or 200pcs. Because when supplier make these products which is order from other clients, but they can make more several hundreds for you by the way. As to the company logo, you can ask for them make it for you, if only it not very difficult to do, it can be done, because this cost is low. So, the unit price will not be very high, at least lower than that price you order 100pcs or 200 pcs directly.. Then how to control the shipment cost. Don’t consider you find forwarder from your country, it will be cheap, unless you are a big businessman. Local forwarder needs to find their agent in China, and vessel company between them, so total 3 companies need add their profits, shipment charge must be high. You may commision suppliers to do it completely,you just find a forwarder to help make clerance and pick up goods. From factory to import seaport, supplier know how to save cost, evehthough they will earn a little. 1,they know much about local resourse, and they don’t know another seaport situation. So they will not add to many profits in it, and they will try their best to find good forwarder.
Do you think it is right?
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