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How to get more offer from B2B platform.

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How to get more offer from B2B business platform.  This is a very important question. We advertised on made-in-china company for many years, (http://giftboxlr.en.made-in-china.com/),this year we quited, because boss said there is no results. I try my best to find the reason, talked a lot with their sales.they told me a story.then I know why. so I share some experence from others here.
A company which do same business with us, and it just has 2 people, advertised on made-in-cihna platform,  and chose the market extend project which is lowest price. this point is same with ours. But the results is a big defferent. we just can get 30-40 offers per month, they can get approxite 400 offers per month. I am shocked. Why why why.....
Made-in-china platform ever made a  statistic: that company which upload more products pictures on the platform can get more offer. We upload about 400 pictures on the platform showing room. that company has 3000 pictures, so they can get 400 offer per month. That's a great work. Not depend
on hardworking, it depends on super hardworking. they paid off.
Where to find so many products pictures and information to upload? Hard to do,but they did. I am sure not every is classic, but the key reason is "lot". So example is here, it is true. learn or not, it is up to yourself.

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