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New design boxes' innovation direction.

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Innovation is the best and urgent way to keep enterprise developing. To a labor-intensive enterprise, it is a hard subject.  Take our company for example, Leadrun packing industry ltd.  The main products is all kinds of boxes for jewellerys, watch,eyeglasses etc. These products without technological content, low profits, so nobody want to invest big money to build automate machine prodcing line. Still depend on workers' overtime working to keep factory running. Once economic crisis, difficulties can not be overcomed.
How to break the vicious circle, innovation became to be the only way.  Proudcts innovation, pattern of production innovation, and thinking of mode  innovation, each can determine the future of enterprise.
I work as an oversea market sales of Leadrun packing industry ltd, share with all indsutry mates my opinion about the products innovation. Whatever you work for yourself or boss, only if you are a product developer, you need to learn more about production line,every detail, even you need to know shipment.  A good jewellery box, not only it looks good, its cost can not be high, otherwise it is failed. Be responsibilty for boss, at the same time be answerable for clients. 

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