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Trading matters between China and Turkey

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In the process of trading with Turkey, Below problems should be noted. 1. Note that credit standing of improter, choose a safe way to collect foreign exchange. Payment way is the most important step of international trading, for safty foreign exchange receipted,below ways can considered:①letter of credit.(LC).②advance payment + collecting bank.③cash. 30% deposit,and pay up before loading.In adition to this,bank confirmed draft and commercial cheque is ok too. But Turkey busineesman private bill , it better to refuse. About the dud cheque,before expiration time, must ask for them make payment,if they can not pay, change new cheque, or go to bank and endorse the cheque. In case dispute comes out, you can win the case depend on it. 2. Customs rules of Turkey should be noted. After goods arrived importing seaport, if not ge the ‘Refuse to receiving noticfication’,Turkey customs doesn’t allow ship goods back. Goods in customs, after 4 monthes, they will sell them at auction, and original importer has priority to get them at a low price. Beside these, Turkey’s wharf charge is very expensive, demurrage is high. And if you want get the goods back, it needs importer endorse it, otherwise just can ask for the bank return the bill of landing.

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